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Terra Verde is a community that is naturally blessed with the goodness of Carmona’s generally good climate, peaceful environment and an overflowing abundance of fresh air. These are added comfort not just to the beauty of your house but to the entire residential community. 

Here are some of the great features and the generously provided recreational facilities and amenities by Verdant Point for the exclusive use of Terra Verde’s residents. 

Best Features

Terra Verde’s entrance and exit gates are in one location separated by a welcoming Guard House duly manned by well-trained security personnel. The community is safely kept as well by perimeter walls. These walls are making sure that the exclusivity of the place is maintained and no ill-will individuals pass through the back doors. Terra Verde, upon completion of other phases, will soon have its own in-house commercial center which can host events, can have retail shops and a transport hub. 

One great feature of Terra Verde’s entire residential landscape is the vastness of heavy vegetation from green grasses to tall trees. Plants in general help absorb heat produced by “Urban effect” environmental phenomenon. With the presence of trees and other plants, having a cool community weather is not a problem at all. 

Recreational Facilities & Amenities

Terra Verde has its own Grand Club Houses which can serve multi-purpose functions for the entire residential community. Within the same building is an in-house administration office that can easily and swiftly act on various residential concerns. These Grand Club Houses are amply provided with comfort rooms and a large swimming pool in its front yard. The large swimming pool is ideal for residents to socialize with each other and it is perfect as well for family weekends. 

There is also a provision for a large basketball area that can cater residents who love this sports. With an in-house basketball court, residents need not go somewhere else to enjoy their favorite games. Getting physical with fellow basketball lovers is one avenue to socialize and get to know their neighbors. Terra Verde, being a known green place has placed Meditation Gardens – well-maintained gardens adorned with ornamental plants and trees providing a cool and quiet environment for those who love to meditate. This is truly an avenue for solitary confinements outside the four corners of a room. Meditations are great when there is enough fresh and cool air. 

There are also great landscaped parts for family’s weekend picnics. Instead of going somewhere else, families can spend their weekends here safely. There are also provisions for Kids Play structure and Kids Playground. Your children can enjoy a wider area to safely play in the open air. Growing children can easily mingle with fellow kids, and at some level, can socialize at an early age. Children have more options where and what to play. It is also noteworthy to mention that all over the community, parking spaces are unlimited. Yes, ample parking spaces have been provided to make sure that vehicles can freely mobilize without posing danger to other cars because of a good distance.

  • Grand Clubhouses
  • Multi-purpose area
  • Administration Office
  • Comfort Rooms
  • Basketball Court
  • Swimming Pool
  • Meditation Garden
  • Landscaped Parks
  • Ample Parking Space
  • Kids Play Structure
  • Kids Playground
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